Human Heart, Cosmic Heart


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This remarkable book outlines with warmth, clarity and rigorous thinking:

This book blew my mind. I will admit . . . I thought I was simply going to be reading an interesting memoir of a good physician. Instead, I discovered the most groundbreaking, unorthodox, outside-the-box treatise on the heart I have ever stumbled upon. If you have a heart and you want to live a long time, you must, must read this book.

Ben Greenfield, author of the New York Times bestseller
“Beyond Training,” founder and owner of Greenfield Fitness Systems,

What happens when the medical profession views the heart as a mechanical pump? We get ghoulish surgeries, medications with horrible side effects, and soulless low-fat diets. Tom Cowan asks us to look anew at the heart; first step is the demonstration that the blood pumps the heart, not vice versa. From this observation comes a way of treating heart disease that is more effective, more gentle, more felicitate than conventional protocol. Part biography, part wisdom, part practical advice, 'Human Heart, Cosmic Heart' will change the way you look at the process of healing and the miraculous world of the human body.”

–Sally Fallon Morell, best-selling author of “Nourishing Traditions,” president of The Weston A. Price Foundation


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I bought 5 more. . .

After reading the Heart book I ordered 5 more as gifts. Shifting our presumptions is so much fun – it’ll lead to some lively discussions in ’17.

This book is touching my heart!

I lead Nourishing Our Children and Nourishing Ourselves, and created the Nourished Book Club that is reading the book now! We are discussing it on Facebook in a group! I was intrigued just by the title and knew I wanted to read the book! I heard Tom speak about the book at the Wise Traditions annual conference last month in 2 sessions and subsequently proposed that we read it in our book club. Happily, our members agreed. Having known Tom for some 12 years now, I am really enjoying learning more about him. I really like his writing style, which feels very personal to me. I can hear him speaking as I read! I have not yet finished the book, and will come back to add on to this review, however I wanted to encourage folks to pick it up! So far, I am loving the integration of the physical heart and the emotional and spiritual heart, and based on what my fellow readers are sharing, I am not alone!


I´ve read the book once and plan on reading it again this week. It´s INCREDIBLY refreshing to hear words of such wonder from an MD: Life is EPIC and this book is too.

If a book can save your life this is the one

I truly enjoyed reading this book. Following the path Tom Cowan took to discovering such mind-blowing facts about how the circulation functions was fascinating. All the detail about how the shape of the components of the heart determines the nature of the blood flow and how that flow stops and starts up again was amazing. I particularly loved how the knowledge then led to such straightforward treatments with none of the toxic drugs that modern medicine usually promotes. I am following the Human Diet and I hope this book convinces others to give it a try.

Cosmic "Miracles"

When Dr. Cowan writes a book, I read it. When he writes a blog, I follow it. I have heard him speak at seven consecutive conferences where he has already shared much of this information. That said, this book is a delightful read. It is both light and deep. It is rich with personal anecdotes that make the ethereal information more meaningful. It provides the reader an exquisite peek at the cosmos and its significance. Years ago Dr. Cowan encouraged us, especially women, to really connect with the moon; to relish its energy. That still causes me to pause and “take in” the awesomeness of the moon instead of giving it just a passing glance. In the same way, after reading Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, crossing a stream of water traversed many times before, the vortex made by the running water filled me with awe. Read this book. It might make you appreciate everyday cosmic “miracles.” Or it might save your life.

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